What You Need To Know in Selling a Home in Miami

Selling a Home in Miami

Marketing of the Property. Interview at least three agents prior to selling your home. When selling a home in Miami, sellers should ask important questions such as: Years of experience, marketing plans and the suggested price of the home. Be careful on working with teams. As a seller, do you have the support of the whole team or just the team leader. Find out, if each team member leaves town, who is left with picking up calls, showing the property or presenting offers.Alot of times, sellers are not realistic when selling their homes. They often look at it from an emotional perspective. If a seller hires a professional photographer and stager it improves the chances of reducing the time spent on trying to sell the property. Having a property look clean and neat is not enough. Eliminating items in the property that take up space is a must to attract potential buyers.The sellers agent should market the property in order to obtain the highest possible dollar amount in the shortest time to the seller. The longer the property stays on the market and the lower the seller’s net amount is going to be.

Sellers should know how the listing agent plans on splitting the commission. If a listing agent takes too large a split in the commission he may in fact hurt your chance of selling quickly and at the best possible price. He will discourage the buyers agents from showing your property in favor of other properties offering a more traditional commission split.

Understanding fully how your listing agent intends to work with cooperating brokers is the first step to assuring that your home is seen by most buyers.

Sellers Disclosure:

Sellers should be aware of the disclosure requirements. They come in a variety of forms, it is the buyer’s opportunity to learn as much as they can about the property’s condition and the seller’s experience in living it.

Sellers disclosure can range from the knowledge of chinese drywall, corroded plumbing pipes, presence of mold and mildew to major construction projects nearby. The seller exercising his/her due dligence tends to inform buyers and shield them from potential legal action.

It is the perfect opportunity for the seller to communicate anything that can negatively affect the value, usefulness or enjoyment of the property. The laws of disclosure are different in each state. For example: California has one of the most strictest laws in seller disclosure. Many times, sellers are required to sign off on many disclosure documents.

The sellers disclosure is provided to the buyer documenting their knowledge of the property. The sellers disclosure is not the same formality as a home inspection report. This is why a property inspection should be done by a buyer while under contract and during the inspection period. There might be issues with the property that the seller might not be aware of while the home inspection report provides it.

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