What Sellers should avoid doing on open houses

Sellers and Open Houses:

The idea of most open houses is to present the house to the right buyers and staging it to sell.

As a seller, you cannot take for granted, open houses. Sellers and realtors can have a misconception that individuals showing up to a open house are just their to buy time or look at the house being sold in their neighborhood. It is becoming more common that serious buyers are touring properties at open houses before making an offer. It becomes more informal in an open house that the listing agent and buyers agent is there to answer questions.

When attracting buyers it is essential not to create distractions versus attractions. For example, live entertainment and fully catered meals will distract potential buyers and realtors from achieving the common purpose of touring the property and answering questions.

When it comes to spacing in our homes, a seller must clear the clutter and allow the buyer to roam freely around the house. Any little obstacle that requires the buyer to come back and see the house again makes it more difficult to close on the property.

Owners should never be present at Open Houses. If an owner is present at the open house it just invites the potential buyer to ask questions to the seller and exposes. Realtors are the professionals that should be answering the hard questions.

Don’t be shy and invite the neighbors. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to invite the neighbors. You don’t know who they might know that might be in the market to buy a home. Neighbors are a good referral source for potential buyers. Neighbors can be your free advertising tool for buyers in the market for the purchase of a home.

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Why do I need a realtor to sell my house?


A realtor is the eyes and ears of the buying process! What value does the realtor bring to the home selling process? Is the commission of a realtor justified? Yes, the realtor brings the marketing knowledge of branding your property for sale. The real estate professional will sit down with the seller and complete a CMA (comparative market analysis) or print out the most recent closed sales. As your real estate professional, I always like to pay attention to the small details. I walk around the house, look for clutter, color schemes, scents, what works and doesn’t work. As a realtor, I put on my “decorator hat.”

The seller and realtor will agree to a listing price that will attract buyers to the property. I usually like to mark it up at 10% over the estimated market value of the home. Once, I see that I am not driving traffic to the property, I will reduce the selling price every 30 days until the seller and buyer can agree to a certain price.

I also like to tell my sellers that it is best to have a house that is vacant, once the buyer sets up the showing appointment. Buyers like to walk around the house when there is no one intruding on their space as the property is being seen.


Realtors on average spent about 6-10% of their expected commission on advertisement in newspapers, MLS and the cost of a professional sign placed on the property. There will be even more costs for placing the listing on certain websites and going mobile. More and more buyers are tech savy that they can view property information on their phones.  While marketing the property it is worth capturing its presence on the internet. You can drive more traffic and offers to your listing.

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The protest of plans for a new Walgreens in Key Biscayne


Key Biscayne residents are in an uproar with the approved plans for a Walgreens. Do you think this will be a good move for the residents of Key Biscayne?

In my opinion, as a Key Biscayne resident, this will be a bad move for the island. It will take longer for residents to come in and out of Key Biscayne.

Key Biscayne Village Council should have kept that space for a public park.

Key Biscayne is no longer the island paradise that it once was. I have seen the island change over the years, land has become scarce, more development, more cars, etc.

I see more families living on Key Biscayne, year round and not coming during Winter months.

When are we going to say enough is enough with our politicians?


Key Biscayne is a small island with limited space. You can only do so much with the space and the build out of land.

These big chain stores, are coming in with their big development plans and allowing the loss of the small community feel.

The feel, energy and presence of small community living will be dissipated, once Walgreens is built.

The same disagreement happened with Wal-Mart being approved for construction in Midtown Miami.

Midtown Miami is not Key Biscayne. The Key Biscayne village council should have made better use of that land for either public park or something that Key Biscayne residents would be proud of once entering Key Biscayne. In addition, to add a liquor store next to it, is the not the right message you want to send to all residents and visitors coming into the Key.

Let’s see where this disagreement will lead too? This is an early fight once the developer submit plans for permit.

At this point, Key Biscayne residents should rally with each other and let the developer and village council know, this space should be better fit for alternate use.

Where is the development of the Island going to stop?


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